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Shea Butter

The “MagnifiScent” Aroma of Fragrance Shea Butter!   Natural Hand Whipped Refined & Unrefined Shea Butter created by "Kharisma Styles".  Customers love the whipped butters because of the many “MagnifiScent” fragrances to choose from for everyone, the texture of the product and the results of the smoothness in your skin.   Our customers constantly rave about the attention they receive when wearing the products and love the long lasting aroma on their skin.  Try the All Natural Shea Butter in the easy to apply whipped formula unscented or scented with essential and fragrance oils.  Raw Shea Butter is beneficial to your skin, hydrating and repairing dry broken skin and eczema.  The look, smell and feel of the butter is remarkable.  Our Shea Butter will moisturize and hydrate your skin leaving you smelling, feeling and looking good.  Don’t waste another minute, try it now and see what everyone is raving about!

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